Rugged Ridge Tire Deflators

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Tire Deflators are the easy way to deflate your tire for increased off-road traction. The Tire Deflator is a twist-on product that fits onto any standard metal or rubber valve system. One simply has to start driving with it installed, and it will deflate the tire to the user-set tire pressure, saving valuable time while on the trail. Designed to automatically shut off when the air pressure reaches the user-adjusted setting. Can Be Adjusted in 3 PSI Increments.

Set of four, with a storage pouch.

Adjustable Tire Inflation Kit - 100% solid brass construction.
Fully Adjustable - Can Be Adjusted in 3 PSI Increments.
Can Be set to deflate to the same PSI every time.
4.8 Ounces - 4 Deflators + Pouch.

Setting Instructions
Step 1. Deflate a (spare) tire to your preferred deflation pressure.

Step 2. With lock ring adjusting cap wound down, screw your tire deflator on the valve stem making sure its clean and threads are in good condition.

Step 3. Loosen cap (counterclockwise) until deflator pops open, then immediately tighten cap to the position where air stops exhausting.

Step 4. Turn lock ring up to adjust cap and tighten.

Your Tire Deflator is now set to your preferred deflation pressure. Adjustments to you deflators can be made at the rate of 3 psi per half turn of the adjusting cap. When the tire pressure and the deflator setting is within 8 psi, a manual start may be required by installing the deflator then lifting the center pin to start operation. Keep deflators clean and dry. Do not interchange components. Remove after deflation.

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. Disclaimer. Please read: The effectiveness of this equipment is directly related to the manner in which it is installed, used (for off-road use only), and/or maintained. Proper installation, use and maintenance is solely the responsibility of the installer/user, and will not be assumed by Billet4X4.com.

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