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DC Appliances List
12 volt portable air compressor.
12 volt cooling rotary fan.
12 volt work lamp.
12 volt car TV.
12 volt car vacuum.
12 volt car refrigerator.
Video recorder.
Cell phone.
Cordless phone.
Mosquito repeller.

(Only a suggested list - lots more compatible options)
Portable Power Station

The portable and rechargeable multi-function power station is power-on-tap miles from anywhere. This unit charges while driving, with gobs of power at the ready when you need it.

Battery charger.
Engine Starter.
Portable, cordless power source anywhere.
Dimensions - 83/4" H x 6" L x 31/2" W.
Weighs only 7.2 lbs.
Output - 12 volt, 10 amp, 120 watt.
Maintenance-free fully rechargeable unit.
Built-in sealed battery.
10 amp fuse.
AC charging - 8 hours (pre-expedition).
DC charging - 3 hours (while driving).

Power Station
. $49.95
. .

Total . 62.45 .
* Includes sales tax where applied .

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Survival Shovels

Don't go without! A shovel may make all the difference. Stores easily. Two sizes available.

Mini Axe Set

Of heavy steel contruction, this five in one tool, is a highly useful go-anywhere easy-to-handle mini axe-set.

Compact Axe

This axe breaks down into three pieces that fit into a 6" canvas belt pouch.
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Disclaimer. Please read: The effectiveness of this equipment is directly related to the manner in which it is installed, used (for off-road use only), and/or maintained. Proper installation, use and maintenance is solely the responsibility of the installer/user, and will not be assumed by

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