Wilderness Survival Manual

In this thorough, easy-to-use guide, USAF instructor Greg Davenport explains, in clearly written text and detailed diagrams, the most efficient ways to ensure personal safety in the wild. Creating shelter and heat, procuring food and water, and navigating unfamiliar territory are just a few of the survival basics Davenport examines as he describes the most efficient ways to maintain health and well-being in an unfamiliar environment.

Illustrates five critical survival elements:
Personal protection.

By a certified USAF Survival instructor, a compelling and comprehensive manual about all aspects of wilderness survival.

"A must-read for anyone who goes outdoors. Informative and captivating. It covers the principles of survival better than any book I have read."
Capt. Scott O'Grady, Survivor - Bosnia

U.S. SHIPMENTS (lower 48)

Survival Shovels

Don't go without! A shovel may make all the difference. Stores easily. Two sizes available.

Mini Axe Set

Of heavy steel contruction, this five in one tool, is a highly useful go-anywhere easy-to-handle mini axe-set.

Disclaimer. Please read: The effectiveness of this equipment is directly related to the manner in which it is installed, used (for off-road use only), and/or maintained. Proper installation, use and maintenance is solely the responsibility of the installer/user, and will not be assumed by