Max Ax Tool

Essential equipment for your 4x4. Precision engineered and manufactured to industry and military standards of strength and reliability.

MaxAx Tool (MIL)

NSN 5120-01-416-8568

Essential equipment for your MIL 4x4.

Entrenching Tools

Don't go without! An E-Tool may make all the difference. Stores easily.

Mini Axe Set

Of heavy steel contruction, this five in one tool, is a highly useful go-anywhere easy-to-handle mini axe-set.

First Aid Kits

From hiking to hunting to 4X4 expeditions, or just off-roading on the weekend, first aid kits for outdoor enthusiasts.

Offroad Worklight

13 Watt 12 Volt Fluorescent Work Light with 20' Cord for taking care of those emergency repairs on the trail.

Magnetic Worklight

Coated magnetic base permits convenient mounting with huge flood-light pattern for taking care of trail emergencies after dark.

Compact Binoculars

The pocket-size binoculars will help you out miles from anywhere. Available in black or camouflage.

Folding Pick & Shovel

Our small-blade folding shovel incorporates a picking spike. This shovel is compact enough to wear on your hip belt when repeated use is required.

Compact Axe

This axe breaks down into three pieces that fit into a 6" canvas belt pouch.

MaxAx Safety Impact Wrench

Non-powered lug wrench to quickly remove or tighten lug nuts in the field.

Survival Manual

By a certified USAF Survival instructor, a compelling and comprehensive manual about all aspects of survival.