Amsteel Blue ATV Snow Plow Lift Rope

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Temporarily replace your winch rope or cable for snow plow season, saves wear and tear on your winch line.

U.S. Made Amsteel Blue synthetic fiber rope has a higher breaking strength than that of steel cable of the same diameter, but weighs less than 1/6. It won't get all wound-up like cable, and can't develop sharp frays. It doesn't conduct electricity or heat, so it won't freeze your hands in winter. It won't rust, doesn't kink, doesn't recoil, doesn't stretch, or doesn't store energy. Need we say more!

We strongly recommend upgrading to a billet aluminum Hawse fairlead to prevent damage from a scuffed roller fairlead. See Hawse fairlead below.

Original AMB Blue color, plus various other colors.
UV protection coated.
Lock-stitched splicing.

We recommend our aluminum Hawse fairlead, specifically designed for synthetic rope use.(See Below)

AmSteel Blue is the latest development of HMPE fiber in a twelve-strand braided rope utilizing Parallay design with proprietary blue urethane coating.

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Heavy-duty rope thimble.

Note: Our ropes are professionally spliced.

3/16" Diameter
5,400 lb. MBS
(compare to steel cable at 4,200 lb.)

1/4" Diameter
9,200 lb. MBS
(compare to steel cable at 7,000 lb.)

U.S. SHIPMENTS (lower 48)

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ATV Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

Designed specifically for ATV winches running synthetic rope.

3/16" and 1/4"
ATV Winch Rope

5/16" & 3/8"
4X4 Winch Rope

7/16" & 1/2" Winch Rope

D-Ring Shackles

Our 1/2" screw pin anchor shackles are tailored to meet high performance ATV requirements. U.S. and import available.

Safe-T-LineŽ XD Soft Shackles

Safe-T-LineŽ Xtreme-Duty Soft Shackles are assembled from our Safe-T-LineŽ winchrope in 7/16" diameter for extra strength. Several colors available.

Disclaimer. Please read: The effectiveness of this equipment is directly related to the manner in which it is installed, used (for off-road use only), and/or maintained. Proper installation, use and maintenance is solely the responsibility of the installer/user, and will not be assumed by Billet4X4.com.